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Episode 119

This WEEK in GOOGLE 119: It's Not Lying, It's Misinformation



  • The changing ways of how people consume content on the web
    • The Verge a beautifully made site, but Leo wonders if people still go to websites? Don't they get their content from Google+, Facebook and Twitter?
    • Good example of that: The Guardian's and the Washington Post's integration with Facebook.
    • Shouldn't content come to us where ever we want to read it? Jeff refers to Elizabeth Eisenstein who talks about the time before the printing press when traveling monks went to where the manuscripts were.
  • The pressure on blogs and podcasts to serve bigger and bigger audiences
    • Haughey Number: 10.000. The ideal size of a community, because if a group of people is this big then whatever problem you have at least someone in that group has also experienced it.
    • Leo's number: for media/podcasts the number is bigger, around 100.000 - 250.000
  • Gmail app for iOS pulled from market


"We Do A Little Thing At The End"

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