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Episode 19

This WEEK in GOOGLE 19: I'm Feeling Lucky




"We Do A Little Thing At The End"

  • Gina's tip of the week:
    • Hold shift on Google Wave and you can delete multiple waves.
  • Jeff's stat of the week:
    • Google News brings one billion click to news publishers a month; Google causes another three billion clicks through search and other features. "That is 100,000 opportunities per minute to win more readers and generate revenue for free." (from Eric Schmidt in Wall Street Journal Op-Ed "In Enemy Territory")
  • Leo's tool of the week:
    • Free WiFi - A 2009-2010 Holiday Gift from Google
      • Free WiFi for the Holidays When you’re traveling this holiday season, you can enjoy free WiFi at 54 participating airports and on every Virgin America flight. Just bring a WiFi-enabled laptop or mobile device and stay connected to family and friends for free while you travel now through January 15, 2010.

Wish List (What the panelists wish Google would do)

  • Leo:
  • Gina:
  • Jeff:

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