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Episode 28

This WEEK in GOOGLE 28: Why 2010 Won't Be Like 1984




"We Do A Little Thing At The End"

  • Gina's tip of the week:
    • If you have a Google profile filled out and signed in to Google, search someones name like Gina Trapani and near the bottom and find "Results from people in your social circle". Google will find information from your contacts and link them up to social networks.
  • Jeff's stat of the week:
    • Google has awarded $5.7 million in Google Focus Awards in 4 different categories. Machine Learning, Use of mobile phones as data collection devices for public health and environment monitoring, Energy efficiency in computing and Privacy.
  • Leo's tool of the week:
    • Updated Google Maps on Nexus One and DROID. New layers have to be turned on in labs under the More option when pressing the menu button.
    • TuneWiki for Android
    • Tweetcaster

Wish List (What the panelists wish Google would do)

  • Leo:
  • Gina:
  • Jeff:

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