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Transcript for This WEEK in GOOGLE 3.




Leo: ... Something happened this week—and I think Anil you might have been part of this—something happened this week, and I think it happend 'cos of the FriendFeed sale. Dave Winer sent me a note said "well really you should go back to blogging". I think what happened, what people did, is they abandoned the blog and they went to the micro-blogs and they said well I have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and/or FriendFeed thats where I'm pu.. happened to me that was the easiest place to put stuff so I stopped blogging so much. And I think people.. do you think people are going to come back to the blog Anil?

Anil: Yeah, I mean for me it's almost a political think, like I, I...

Leo: you own your stuff!

Anil: yeah it's straight up about ownership. I mean my background before I was really even in the tech industry I was in the music business and I saw the difference between artist that owned their stuff and those that didn't and what they could do with their careers. I like Mike Zuckerberg fine, I'm friends with Ev and Biz, I admire Twitter very greatly but I'm not ever going to create the most valuable things that I write—I put a lot of effort into the things that I create—I'm not going to put them some place the somebody else owns them.

Leo: A lot of people who put them on FriendFeed are having second thoughts saying "what have I done?" This is another meme that's just sprung up, we're all investors in these companies who don't get paid when the company liquidates. I felt that with Twitter. I felt I put my heart and soul into Twitter and they abandoned me for Opera, or Ashton or somebody. But that's what happens to geeks, right? We're early adopters, we move in and if the company we support is successful they go broad anyway.

Anil: But with blogging when the other people came in it was still a victory for us. [Leo: you're right] ...overshaddowed the importance of the people using wordpress or typepad or whatever. Your importance doesn't go away when somebody else new comes into the medium.

Leo: but aren't you just another walled garden?

Anil: On my site I'm king. I see that on Gina's site, on Jeff's site. If they want to do something creative and interesting and spend days and days on it and tons of time and money, at the end of the day they own it and nobody can take that away. And I think that's important.


Leo: but you lose all these things that Kevin Marks talks about in his blog post He talks about flow - with just this kind of flow of information, you see faces of people and that, I guess there are ways to solve that with Friend Connect or Blog Log or there are a lot of different ways to do that. I know six apart has some good solutions.

He says - this is a good one - he says it's phatic. That's a term I've not heard before, P.H.A.T.I.C "full of social gestures that are like apes grooming each other".

But all of this stuff appears in places like twitter but does it appear in your blog? Don't you lose a lot of that?

Anil: It should. I think actually the great blog do it. One of my favourite site MetaFilter, Matt Haughey's site. It's been running for ten years. And there are a million little gestures you can do there, of like, you click a little plus sign and you favorite something, or you give something thumbs up. I think the sites that are really seeing that succeed, I would look for the geeky side of things, Stack Overflow, my wife runs a real popular food site series Eats. Each of these sites, I think, has this amazing sense of like: you can make these little gestures.


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