This WEEK in GOOGLE 85

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Episode 85

This WEEK in GOOGLE 85: That's So Scoble

Brand new Google Chrome 10 and HTML 5, malware on Android, Google acquisitions and more.



  • Google Maps traffic, navi app
  • todo.txt touch time management
  • acquired.
  • - mentioned by Gina Trapani
  • - mentioned by Gina Trapani
  • - mentioned by Gina Trapani
  • - mentioned by Gina Trapani


"We Do A Little Thing At The End"

  • Gina's tip of the week:

New gmail labs feature called "smart labels". Automatically creates categories for bulk, notification and forum messages to filter your messages.

  • Jeff's number of the week:

  • Leo's tool of the week:

Gyimpse available on Android and Iphone. Glympse allows those who you want watching your location minute-by-minute reports of exactly where you are through Google Maps.

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  • Hover 4
  • ad times: 0:34-0:46 and 29:18-31:39

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