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Episode 94

This WEEK in GOOGLE 94: Cloud Liver

Google I/O 2011 coverage, Honeycomb 3.1, Ice Cream Sandwich, Google TV, Chrome OS, and more.




"We Do A Little Thing At The End"

  • Gina's tip of the week:

Google Tasks now has an API. There is a companion Chrome extension here:

API documentation:

Gina's todo.txt app:

  • Jeff's number of the week:

Preamble: Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) proposes Do Not Track legislation; May 26th, same law goes into effect in United Kingdom to match with EU's new e-privacy directive. "Businesses and Organizations in the UK need to get consent from visitors before they can store and retrieve information on user's computers."

Number: Millward Brown BrandZ Survey - First time in 5 years Google is NOT number 1, Apple is most rich brand on Earth.

  • Leo's tool of the week:

GroceryIQ - Android App for Honeycomb Shopping assistant that offers features such as coupons, barcode scanning, voice recognition. Uses predictive search to speed up adding items to your list.

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