This WEEK in LAW 198

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This WEEK in LAW
Episode 198

This Week In Law 198: Fracking Transparency

TPP, Trade Secret Protections, Obama's Cyber Security Executive Order and how it relates to CISPA, and more.


  • Denise Howell
  • Evan Brown
  • David Levine (@hearsayculture)
    • Hearsay Culture
    • "David S. Levine is an Associate Professor of Law at Elon University School of Law and an Affiliate Scholar at the Center for Internet and Society (CIS) at Stanford Law School. Dave’s research interests include the operation of intellectual property law at the intersection of the technology field and public life, intellectual property’s impact on transparency, and the impact of copyright law in the arts."


Tip of the Week

  • For professors: What to do on Monday (00:51:07)
    • A reprise of David's comments at the Chapman symposium

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