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This Week in Tech (also known as TWiT) is the flagship show of the TWiT network. It was the network's first show, and it focuses on technology news, often from the prior week, and reviews. It is an audio podcast presented in a round-table fashion. In addition to host Leo Laporte, who has appeared in nearly every episode, the show features a panel of usually two to five guests, which changes regularly. Some panelists appear more regularly than others. On occasion, the show has also had some famous guests such as Steve Wozniak (35), John Hodgman (167), and LeVar Burton (177, 185).


This Week in Tech started in 2005 as a chance recording of a group of former TechTV employees talking about Macworld Expo, which they were all currently attending. Radio show host Leo Laporte put the recording on his website. Laporte was surprised by its demand, leading him to think that there might be something in the format. A few months later, the first episode of the podcast was released, then known as "Revenge of the Screen Savers" in reference to a former TechTV show. The show was later renamed to "This WEEK in TECH" after the holder of the rights to The Screen Savers name complained. The show's name is often shortened to "TWiT".


Frequent panelists

Leo recording TWiT with Kevin Rose March 22, 2009

List of TWiT Panelists


Rathole - A point in the show where everybody is so far off topic that John C. Dvorak has to get them back on track.

Donkey of the Week - A weekly award celebrating the most boneheaded decision, news story, or action covered by TWiT. It has only been given out once.


Recent episodes

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Show notes

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The theme for This Week in Tech can be downloaded from here.

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