This Week in Computer Hardware 113

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This Week in Computer Hardware
Episode 113


Is it safe to buy an SSD Samsung keylogger?, budget PC's, next gen motherboard technology, and more.

2:10-9:20 Google's First Fiber Rollout Kansas City, Kansas getting Google's fiber program late 2011 to first of 2012. They want to roll this out to a city of 50,000 to 500,000 people. Google stated it will be gigabit speed for everyone. With this is adding competition to AT&T and Comcast. so with this hopefully will drive the caps away and have better pricing. And the benefits of having such broadband.

9:20-18:10 Intel's 320 Series SSD, Read the following articles for more detailed information. PCPer Review and Intel's 320 Series

18:20-20:25 Samsung having Keyloggers on their laptops Engadget Review It turns out to be a false positive.

20:25-22:56 Samsung's Transparent LCD monitor Engadget Article

22:56-25:32 Show sponser

25:32-53:09 Your questions and answers and oh so much more.

Twitter Questions via Twitter, here are the Twitter links for Patrick, PCPer, and Ryan, PC Per or Ryan Shrout and Patrick Norton

Also you can email them at if you have more questions or would just prefer to use email.

Live show on Thursdays at 6:00pm PDT/9:00pm EDT/8:00pm CDT at Also check out Google Calendar for the most up-to-date schedule.

You can see Patrick at HD Nation and Tekzilla and Ryan at PCPer


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Non-show notes

Ryan is enjoying the warm weather in Los Vegas, Nevada since it is about 29 degrees back at home for him.

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