This Week in Computer Hardware 132

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This Week in Computer Hardware
Episode 132


What Was Ryan Doing Last Week?

  • Ryan and Patrick discuss Ryan's adventures involving 42,000 hours of driving, while giving away a ton of prizes.
  • Patrick seems to really like BBQ's


  • The guys discuss Intel's push for Ultrabooks, the purported high costs and concerns from manufactures.

External GPU FAIL!

  • A discussion on the many problems surrounding external graphics cards and why they have yet to become a widely used option.
  • Ryan has a few links on the Web site with some links to some currently available external graphics cards.

Britain Riots and the Importance of Backups

  • Patrick takes a second to talk about a few individuals who returned to Britain after a vacation to find their apartment block devastated by the riots and how important backing up your data is.

100 Watts flaming USB

  • The USB 3.0 Promoter Group have modified the specification to allow 100 watts of power through a USB connection, possibly as soon as 2012.

Project Maximus

  • At SIGGRAPH, NVIDIA announces a new lower-end Quadro card for clustering under a project called Maximus.

Viewer Questions

  • Peter sends in a question about building a quiet gaming system that can support three monitors and a butt-load of fans. Price appears to be no object.
  • Christopher wants to know if SATA 6Gbps SSD's are backwards compatible with SATA 3Gbps ports. Christopher would also like to know which brand name of SSD to choose.
  • Ted is trying to build a new computer for gaming, encoding, and Internet usage since his system was recently stolen. He would like to build it with a reasonable price tag.
  • Mark went to replace his stock heatsink and fan with an aftermarket product. During the removal process he accidentally bent three pins on his CPU and now the system won't boot. Does he need to buy a new CPU or can he fix this?
  • Papi would like to know which GPU on his brand new Sandy Bridge system is doing the encoding on his machine.
  • Tim asks if Ryan or Patrick can recommend a storage option that will last at least 10 years.


  • Nothing new this week.


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USB 3.0 article on [2]

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First show note entry for myself. Hope it is done right.

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