This Week in Computer Hardware 133

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This Week in Computer Hardware
Episode 133


Best Buy Is Not Happy With Web OS Tablets, But don't Go Running To HP. They Don't Make PC's Anymore.

  • Best Buy apparently has a bunch of web OS tablets and they aren't selling.
  • HP is selling it's PC business.
  • Web OS Development is done.

John Carmack And Technology

  • Ryan interviews ID Software Co-Creator John Carmack and they discuss a variety of topics ranging from GPU's, APU's, Programming for Consoles and PC's, and Ray Tracing as the future of rendering.
  • The video interview is available on

Crysis 2 Becomes Tessellated

  • Crysis 2 adds support for tessellation and sometimes it shows up where it shouldn't be.
  • shows that the Direct X 11 update to Crysis 2 runs better on NVIDIA then AMD and tries to find out why.

Ultrabook Price Cuts?

  • Ultrabook manufactures would like a price cut from Intel. Intel says NO!

The Tell Tale PC

  • The guys list a variety of common components that cause the most noise in your PC case.
  • Leo crashes the party to say hello.
  • The ANTEC P180 is featured as a nice case for a quiet build.
  • PC Per has an upcoming review of a fan less PSU by KINGWIN.

Viewer Questions

GPU Coolers

  • Felix wants to know about GPU Fans and has a few recommendations.

Eyefinity And GPU Settings

  • Joseph needs a new screen but is unwilling to sacrifice screen size. He has decided to use Eyefinity with three Dell2412 screens and is wondering what settings to use on his GPU.

Modding Vintage Cases

  • Is it possible to add modern hardware into a vintage case?

SSD, New Laptop, And Chipset Worries

  • Michael is planning to buy a new Laptop and getting an SSD to go with it. Is there anything he should be aware of in terms of chipset or drive architecture that may help or hinder his choice?


  • Nothing this week.


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External Links

  • PcPer interview with John Carmack. [3]
  • Tech Report article about the Crysis 2 Update. [4]
  • Link to the Antec P180 Product Page. [5]

Non-show notes

  • Ryan and Patrick are live from the TWIT studios and this is the first time they have met in person.

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