This Week in Computer Hardware 134

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This Week in Computer Hardware
Episode 134


Steve Jobs Is CEO No More (2min53sec)

  • Patrick and Ryan discuss Steve Jobs stepping down as CEO of Apple Inc and the contribution Steve and Apple have made to the technology world.

Were Have All The HD 6970's Gone? (6min7sec)

  • It has been harder and harder to find the AMD HD6970's in the market. Are the EOL?

Intel Is Selling Upgrade Cards For Their CPU's, Again (9min41sec)

  • The guys talk about this practice of selling upgrade cards, the pros, cons, and work arounds if desired.

Asus Matrix GTX580 (13min6sec)

  • Ryan shows off a video card that gets him truly excited about graphics again.
  • Ryan also teases a new review that will be out later tonight.

The PC Business And Gaming. What's The Real Deal? (19min20sec)

  • Patrick ponders if the PC and PC Gaming business are suffering and if the search for better and better hardware is a negative thing.

Viewer Questions

Greg has some hardware kicking around and wants to build a Hackintosh. (27min23sec)

Mark is the individual who yanked out his CPU and broke some stuff, see notes from the previous episode here [1]. He updates by saying his CPU was the issue. (31min56sec)

Pete wants to know if he can hack is HDMI cable for his XBOX or if their is a simpler option? (34min54sec)

Jay would like to know the best option for updating his AMD HD5770. (37min22sec)

Scott recommends the HPN36L for a FreeNAS build. (40min12sec)

Connor hosts his own LAN Parties but he is having issues getting Internet access to all involved. (43min42sec)

Mat is looking for a new GPU but is having trouble deciding which one. (48min53sec)



NETFLIX (24min34sec)

Get 30 Days of Netflix for free by going to [2]

External Links

  • Pc Per website review of the Asus GTX 580 [3]
  • Pc Per webiste review of the Asus MARS II dual GTX 580 [4]
  • A great Hackintosh resource [5] (

Non-show notes

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