This Week in Computer Hardware 62

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This Week in Computer Hardware
Episode 62


1. ASUS P6T7 and P7P55 WS Workstation Motherboards

2. Newegg sells fake Intel Core i7 processors

  1. Video of the fake:

3. OnLive announces availability and pricing

4. Warpia Debuts Wireless Laptop Docking Station

  1. USB based, only 1400x1050 or 1440x900, 32-bit color, 48 Khz 16-bit audio, Windows and Mac ready
  2. 128-bit AES encrypted
  3. $150 is a LOT

5. Last but not least: PC Perspective sees Eyefinity 6-panel in action

6. NVIDIA 196.75 driver might be a GPU killer

7. Valve Steam Service coming to the Mac

8. Twitter questions!

  1. WWNSX@ryanshrout Will Nvidia come out with a new Nforce X or 10 Chipset with audio like the old soundstorm? seems like in 2008 they were going to
  2. ITmaster@ryanshrout I have an old ATI GPU lying around, can I add this to my system with a GTX260 and add another monitor (2 already) Thnx
  3. DanielBrewer@ryanshrout I am scared of ATI cards due to their driver issues from years ago - nvidia seems more stable. Why should I switch?
  4. niteowler@ryanshrout The new i7 930 is a disappointment at 45 nm. Why didn't Intel use their new 32 nm process for their top end socket?


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