This Week in Computer Hardware 79

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This Week in Computer Hardware
Episode 79


  1. StarCraft II or SC II Wikipedia and PC Perspective Review they talk about the pros and cons of the game and a little chit chat of the genre and a little info about it on the Mac.
  2. AMD Llano or PC Per Article touches on it CPU/GPU Hybrid out about first half of 2011.
  3. Foxconn and Foxconn Wikipedia and about the price increase Pay Increase Going to raise prices due to increase labor cost in China. The workers salary doubled to $293 per month, that is right a MONTH. (Please correct the web links if I do not have then right, thanks)
  4. PC Perspective Droid X Review or Anandtech Droid X Review and Droid X on Wikipedia they discuse the new Droid X.
  5. Samsung 3D Plasma also Robert Heron speaks about it on episode 55 from HD Nation Good prices of 3D Plasma TV from Samsung plus the pros and cons of HD, one factor is EVERYONE has to have a pair of glasses and most are about $150 a pop and most manufactuers glasses with not work with other brands.
  6. HP Slate on engadget or HP Slate on PC Perspective and HP Slate Wikipedia Article They talk about the slate and other pads and the pros and cons.
  7. FileHippo or Ryan talks about the cons of Adobe's Download Manager for when you want to download an Adobe product i.e. Flash without the DLM. So listed are two site were you can get files with the so called Download Managers.
  8. Twitter Questions, here are the Twitter links for Patrick, PCPer, and Ryan, PC Per or Ryan Shrout and Patrick Norton
  9. Live show on Thursdays at 6:00pm PDT/9:00pm EDT/8:00pm CDT at
  10. You can see Patrick at HD Nation and Tekzilla and Ryan at PCPer or PC Perspective

Patric talks about Water Cooling in-a-box vs Exspensive Water Cooling and Air Cooling roundup that he is working on. He has spoken to Corsair and will be doing a review. Puget System Also there was a review on Tekzilla with Loyd Case (if someone found this review please post/update this with it, thank you)


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