This Week in Computer Hardware 80

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This Week in Computer Hardware
Episode 80


  1. Wikipedia Info of Silicon Photonics and then the Intel Article and also this Intel Article and then another Intel Article and a July 27, 2010 PCPer Article
  2. Wikipedia Info of Intel’s Light Peak and PCPer CES 2010 Article and May 2010 PCPer Article and a Intel Article
  3. Apple’s Site Apple had new system released. Upgrades to iMacs, got rid of Core 2 based iMac systems, upgraded the Mac Pro and can get a Dual 6 Core (Dual Processor, 6 Cores each, 12 Cores, 24 Threads) systems starting at about $5000. Then they talk about the pros and cons of it and the price. Also they have dropped nVidia from their Desktop lineup and using all ATI based discreet graphics solutions.
  4. AMD/ATI Tops nVidia AMD tops nVidia in discrete graphic shipments in Q2, the first time in a while. AMD/ATI takes 51% of the Discrete Graphics chip market while nVidia is just under 49%. Total Market is as follows, Intel %54.3, AMD/ATI %24.5, nVidia %19.8 Intel leads in the Integrated Solution while AMD/ATI leads in Discrete Solutions.
  5. iBuyPower, We Build It, You Play It. Patrick got a question about their Thermaltake Level10 Case He talks about the pros and cons also the $800 price tag just for a case. Mostly the cons(prices so high).
  6. Rahul Sood says Microsoft killed Xbox vs. PC Online Gaming HP's Rahul Sood says Microsoft killed Xbox vs PC online gaming due to keyboard-mouse superiority.
  7. engadget Dell Slate/Streak and also GIZMODO Dell Slate/Streak and Dell Slate/Streak at Tekzilla
  8. Quake Con Ryan will be hosting a Hardware Workshop at the event on Saturday 8.14.2010 from 1:00pm-3:00pm. Will giving away Gaming PC's, Cards, etc.
  9. Twitter Questions, here are the Twitter links for Patrick, PCPer, and Ryan, PC Per or Ryan Shrout and Patrick Norton
  10. Live show on Thursdays at 6:00pm PDT/9:00pm EDT/8:00pm CDT at
  11. You can see Patrick at HD Nation and Tekzilla and Ryan at PCPer or PC Perspective

Ryan Picked 5 Winners for the Just Cause 2 Steam Key giveaway! Congrats everyone!



Non-Show Notes

At the beginning of the show they talk about an issue Ryan is having about setting up a VPN. Then about a back pack he had with a zipper open and then when he threw it over/on his shoulder he heard a crash, his Lenovo X200 fell/crashed to the ground and the issues with it now. And he dropped his shiny new HTC EVO Smart Phone on the corner. Patrick talks about the iPhone Bumper and iPhone troubles he had. Then they just chit chatted for a few minutes on Raid, SSD.

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