This Week in Enterprise Tech 37

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This Week in Enterprise Tech
Episode 37

This Week in Enterprise Tech 37:

Enterprise in the Cloud

  • SLAs do not provide legal ramifications for financial compensation for downtime. Need true 99.9% uptime (at least).
  • Private clouds are still hosted on someone else's server, rack, colo.
  • A lot of data int he cloud is not backed up for another site.
  • What privacy laws govern the areas that contain the cloud providers servers?
  • Enterprise wants to know where their cloud is, but still want to use elastic services.
  • Is data in the cloud protected by law, or is it public? The later will kill enterprise in the cloud demand.
  • Google has fought back saying data over 180 days is not abandoned and thus requires a proper warrant.

Technology Byte

Previously Loved (Used) Network Hardware

  • Buying pre-owned gear can save a lot on gear cost, and still get product support.
  • Used gear from a notable supplier is vetted and verified.
  • OEM warranties are not available for used gear retailers, so the retailers hold their own warranties, including advanced replacement.
  • Used suppliers have a larger interest in dependable warranties for return customers.
  • UNEDA allys with used equipment dealers to help vet equipment.
  • Enterprises are looking for testimonials, from peer companies, of success with lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership which includes post-sale support costs).
  • Enterprise refresh cycles are getting shorter

Multipath TCP

Digital Fountain

  • Creates as many TCP channels as possible.
  • Multipath means packets arrive out of order and time.
  • Boost throughput greatly, and can be used over the Internet in the future.

Hardware Spotlight

  • Intel NUC - Very small Core-i3 netPC.
  • Infinitech TV - Set top, comes with equally as small keyboard.
  • PQ Labs iStick gives a 32inch Android Tablet when plugged into a monitor
  • Hardware cycles between big iron, and small distributed computing
  • As the tech evolves we keep "all the best features of the PC"

Hardware & Software Mentions

  • Intel NUC
  • Infinitech TV
  • PQ Labs iStick


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