This Week in Enterprise Tech 64

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This Week in Enterprise Tech
Episode 64

This Week in Enterprise Tech 51:

Google's floating data center, vulnerability in Netgear's ReadyNAS, identity management, and more.

Enterprise Byte

Google Water Barge

  • Storage Barge floating on bay with secret hanger.
  • Container on Barge may be a data-center module.
  • Container on water makes it mobile, easy to cool, and possibly powered from the waves.
  • While cooling from water isn't "free cooling", the cost is lower.
  • Also opens the possibility of having a data center in international waters.

  • While being in international waters does free up regulation, the US has a navy that may put a stop to it.
  • Being in international waters does free Google from taxation on properties in the water, however countries may frown on this.
  • Having a data-center in the middle of the ocean can bring an edge to traders who will have faster response over trans-oceanic connections.
  • Trading floors may be in the ocean in the future, but tax levies will probably catch up.

Netgear ReadyNAS Vulnerability

  • Front View has command-injection flaw
  • Effects all tiers of the ReadyNAS from prosumer to enterprise.
  • Fails to sanitize http input.
  • Attack allows root access to the OS and array.
  • Plugins can be added as a trojan.

  • Netgear has not been keeping up with their firmware with features and security.
  • Netgear may not be interested in protecting enterprises, targeting home users instead.
  • Placing security secondary to widgets is incompatible with enterprise thinking.
  • ReadyNAS does not work well without a firewall to protect it.

Identity Management

Part 1

  • Used all the time with Active Directory or X500
  • Can store user information, contact information, etc.
  • Database based authentication systems scale for enterprises.
  • InfoWorld ran a demo "Harry met Sally" that shows how a user's identity can grow and change.

  • Executives want identity manage to work, but don't want to be bothered with the details.
  • For this reason, identity management is less in the limelight as a mature product.
  • Identity management makes it easy to delegate and assign roles and resource permissions for groups of people easy to update.

  • Microsoft has made Active Directory a free feature of Azure, instead of per-user CALs.
  • Microsoft is integrating pricing models between divisions and reduce the pricing of Active Directory through the Azure cloud.
  • Google's integration with Active Directory is still lacking.

  • Federation allows tie in of multiple authentication services.
  • Federation allows the linking of multiple databases and apply rules between them.
  • Two companies identity management solutions can be shared to provide services to one another.
  • Federation can also include subtle details to users, business rules like Do Not Disturb, sending calls to voice mail directly, etc.

  • Microsoft's offering has a larger depth than Oracles identity management, from the infrastructure database through the client pieces.
  • Identity Management is a center piece for enterprises, the ubiquity of Federation is a strong selling point.
  • Federation integrates MDM, device permissions, patches.
  • Federation could allow emergency services critical information about patients during an evacuation, without leakage of personal information to unauthorized users.

  • Federation can push and pull sync records from other solutions.
  • Microsoft is donating code to Linux to provide easier integration.
  • System Center can manage VMWare and openstack VMs, Microsoft is pushing for multi-vendor integration, with Microsoft as the center piece.

  • Is the return on investment for a CTO worth the migration to Federation?
  • Microsoft's free pricing is very competitive to justify the migration.
  • If someone in IT can make the case that Federation will help a company easier and quicker to serve the customer, than executives will find the migration cost appealing.

  • Security Event Management will benefit from a wide view of correlation between authentication systems. For Ex. two events occurring at the same time with the same credentials, in two very different locations, is probably a security concern.

Hardware & Software Mentions


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