This Week in Enterprise Tech 69

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This Week in Enterprise Tech
Episode 69

This Week in Enterprise Tech 69:

Technology Byte

US Army Piracy

  • Army hired Apptricity for logistics.
  • Army caught pirating over $180M of software licensing.
  • Large entities can easily make this mistake.
  • Even the most compliant enterprises can run afoul of licensing.
  • Licensing pricing seems excessive.

  • The Army hired contractors to reverse engineer the solution so their in-home solution could replace the costly solution rather than buying licenses to be in compliance.
  • Sometimes buying or trying a commercial application off the shelf is the needed interim step while developing an in-house solution.
  • In education it is often a cat and mouse game to license properly.

Fast Links

  • Stock traders are worried about nano-second timing to do faster trading and are using faster than Ethernet connections (fiber, microwave, and wireless in a vacuum).
  • Banks have paid for dedicated cross-oceanic fiber links.
  • Faster connections for transactions add up to millions of dollars to traders.
  • Microwave cannot get direct line of sight over the curvature of the earth across the ocean. However, some national businesses are able to get over the curve on the top of their sky scrappers.
  • High powered microwave systems are very powerful and can cause serious bodily harm.
  • Blimps could bring the microwave transceivers to the height required for direct line of sight.


  • Glenn started as a volunteer at Interop to learn, and grow his career.
  • Got transferred to the US from Australia to help run the InteropNET.

  • Interop is a Green Field network where vendors get to try the cutting edge solutions.
  • Every year the network is brand new, from scratch.
  • The basics of network delivery have been solved and get boring, Interop strives to keep it interesting with new solutions that make networking easier or more powerful.
  • InteropNET is open to a certain degree, vendors are threated well, but the engineers have a driving say in what hardware goes into the InteropNET.
  • What stays in the network stays in the network
  • InteropNET is a neutral ground to evolve the craft, not compete.
  • Interop is made up of some of the most senior Internet engineer and protocol authors.

  • Global transport networks with SDN is an area Glenn believes.
  • BYOD in the Enterprise requires network advancements to make them secure and user friendly.
  • Vendors are able to find out what needs to be redesigned by experiencing a new problem in a large network, and then be able to write new source code side by side with competitors.

Extreme & Enterasys

  • Enterasys was built around Network Access Control
  • Extreme will gain security control that appeals to Enterprises
  • Enterasys owned most of the Federal sales in the past.

Hardware & Software Mentions


  • Citrix Promo Code: ENTERPRISE
  • Ad time:

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  • Release Date: December 2, 2013
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