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This Week in Fun (often abbreviated to TWiF) hosted by Sarah Lane and Martin Sargent, was a podcast on The show's format was loosely defined, but discussed news items, particularly odd news stories. It is often commented by Martin that the show, "Differs from other shows on the TWiT network because it doesn't talk about defraggin' or rebuilding the kernel."

After the show on March 27, 2009 Leo Laporte announced that This Week in Fun would become an official audio netcast on the TWiT Network. The show started releasing video with episode 36 in September 2009. You can currently download recorded episodes of TWiF from Odtv or iTunes.

This Week in Fun was cancelled on January 18, 2010 after episode 49.


The hosts avoided listener confusion at the top of the show each week by explaining that the show isn't about defragging, rebooting, or updating kernels.

Martin and Sarah riffed on odd news items.

A regular feature called Tweet Beat had Sarah guess which of a similar-sounding pair of phrases has recently been tweeted more on Twitter.

In the True or Poo segment, Sarah had to determine whether each of a series of news items related by Martin are factual or whether they are composed of poo. A variation, True or Poo: Lightning Round (Preview) replaced True or Poo in later episodes. Shelley Long is paid an undisclosed amount by Leo to call in on Skype each week and say "Preview" at the end of the thunderclap sound effect.

In Episode 37, Martin introduced the game Would You Buy It, in which Sarah attempts to predict whether or not she would purchase a consumer item described by Martin. Predictive answers (to date 100% correct) are provided by Wolfram Alpha.

During Episode 39, Leo joined the TWiF cast to announce that the show would be one of the first to appear on the recently-announced TWiT Roku channel.


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This WEEK in FUN theme song is by Dan Lueders