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The Untitled Linux Show covers the week's hottest Linux news for desktop, gaming, and even enterprise. ULS is the weekly update you don't want to miss, from the latest kernel development to the updates on your favorite apps! Each episode finishes with a killer command line tip from each host. New episodes are recorded live every Saturday in the Club TWiT Discord.

Untitled Linux Show is a Club TWiT exclusive audio-only show. It started as a discussion between Leo Laporte and Jonathan Bennett and was published in the TWiT+ feed until it got its own feed on January 20, 2022. All previous episodes from TWiT+ were moved into the Untitled Linux Show feed. It remains an audio-only show, but has had a few "bonus" episodes published in the TWiT+ video feed.

As a feed for paid subscribers, RSS feed URLs are unique to each subscriber and should not be shared. When it is detected that a feed has been shared, that subscriber's feed will be disabled.


How to Subscribe

Club TWiT members can subscribe by going to the Members Podcasts page on Memberful and selecting the Club TWiT feeds they wish to subscribe to.