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Math and computer science student from Minnesota, USA. Please note, although Leo does very good accents, his Minnesota accent doesn't sound right.

I tend to do a massive amount of edits in a generally short period of time, so it is not uncommon to see huge blocks of edits in Special:RecentChanges from me. Do not be afraid. :)

I am an administrator and bureaucrat on this wiki. I am also familiar with coding in wiki-markup, so feel free to ask me if you need a template created. If you need help, please let me know. Also, according to Kylehase, I am a "Wiki Guru" [1].

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On this wiki


Under development
  • /TranscriptBot – A bot in early development that will automatically format transcripts properly
  • /Loop – A for loop template
  • /New show notes – A template to have a link on a show's page to the next show notes page (i.e. the page for the next episode that will be recorded)
  • /Infobox Person – A beta infobox template for people
  • /Superbox Episode – An expanded variation of Template:Infobox Episode that can be used for all netcasts (currently under development on my wiki because it needs some extensions that aren't installed here)
    • /Netcast detect – A helper template to determine which netcast an episode is from


  • My favorite edit summary is one I made when I deleted a useless template (log): "Copied from Wikipedia: most likely from Wikipedia, although it's also useless and redundant, outdated/deprecated and serves no valid purpose. Too bad you can't choose multiple deletion reasons"


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