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Hi. I call myself kiwinerd in the IRC chat room and on Army, but my real name is Amanda Peet. The physicist Amanda Peet, not that younger Hollywood actress doppelganger! :-)

My day job is to be a physics professor at the University of Toronto. I give some details about what I do at my physics home page. Briefly: my research is on theoretical high-energy physics. I work on string theory as a theory of quantum gravity, black hole physics, and connections with particle physics. So far I have graduated two PhD students with a third defending his thesis soon and two new prospects in the wings. Currently I have also one senior postdoctoral fellow working with me in my research group as well. Of course, I also teach undergraduates, which is something I really enjoy. This year I am teaching a restricted-enrolment seminar course about modern physics for nonscientist frosh undergraduates and Quantum Field Theory II for masters and doctoral students. Outreach to the interested layperson is something I do quite a bit of; you can see a list of my recent news media interactions here. For instance, some of you may have seen me in the 2003 NOVA Elegant Universe documentary on TV.

I also like to fiddle with gadgets and web sites. I'm particularly fond (at the moment) of my iPhone 3G and MacBook Air. Here is my list of nerd bookmarks and also some info about my web "empire". My nerd blog is here. If you're looking for ODTV, where you can watch TWiT videos on demand, this is it. I'm also planning to start a podcast about modern physics; at present I'm in the testing phase with hardware and software.

Finally, if you're curious about me as a person, I have a few items of possible interest here on my personal home page. I also have a personal blog.

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