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The one, the only: listrophy. I'm a Ruby on Rails guru with a background in aerospace engineering. I also managed to get on a few episodes of Net@night back when Leo and Amber still took listeners' calls via TalkShoe.

I was also a guest on FourCast 85.

I'm a frequent speaker at conferences in the Ruby Programming Language space.

This Wiki

I am an administrator of this wiki, so if you have a concern that requires a Sysop, contact me or another Sysop on my/their User_Talk page. In general, I'm unavailable (day job) Monday through Friday, 8AM - 5PM Central. If there's a really pressing need, please email me at my gmail account... I'm assuming you can guess my username.

MediaWiki Experience

I've administered MediaWiki at work (twice) and even used it one semester locally on my laptop for taking notes.

For this site, I'm working on the Infobox Episode template and making individual infoboxes for each show.

My testing sandboxes: