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Dane's list

We're all very excited by the potential of this wiki. In the post-production department, we are going to be posting all our formerly private internal production notes here instead. This doesn't have to look the same as our internal notes, as we all think that what you guys are coming up with is much better. But we have to meet a few requirements for each show, and would like to add them to the templates. Perhaps a template guru could help me incorporate these items if possible. I've gone in much greater depth than you probably need below, but I wanted to give you insight into some of our internal processes and the reasoning behind them. These solutions could probably be addressed in a few ways. Thanks!

Show Titles
Show Titles Have Each Word Capitalized
Show titles follow this naming convention (without quotes) --
Security Now 178: Listener Feedback 57
If this whole text could link somewhere prominently in the top right of the wiki to the live show page (to in this case), I think that would be appropriate.
Brief Description (or tagline or log line or teaser)
  • These are 10-17 words long that goes in an area called "Teaser" in both our feeds and on the website. They usually end with "and more" in case we missed something in our description.
  • Daily Giz Wiz: I often write this as a sales pitch as to what this item will be good for, ending with "with the <a href="">XYZ</a>. So it's like this: "Wrap up your alphabet faster with the compact, three-letter, English <a href"">XYZ</a>."
  • FLOSS Weekly: I summarize what the open source software does based on Randal's notes, the content of the show, the project's website, and Wikipedia.
  • Futures in Biotech: I summarizes a description Marc Peletier gives me.
  • Jumping Monkeys: I list the big topics, ending with a comma and "and more."
  • The Tech Guy: I list the big topics in Leo's opening monologue, the guests, possibly the topic of an interesting call, and end with "and your calls."
  • MacBreak Weekly: I list the big topics, ending with a comma and "and more."
  • Munchcast: I list a few of the topics, ending with a comma and "and more."
  • net@nite: I list a few of the topics, ending with a comma and "and more."
  • Security Now: If this is has "Your Questions, Steve's Answers" or "Listener Feedback" in it, I put "Our regular mailbag episode with questions and comments from our listeners." Otherwise, I try to write something that best summarizes what Steve writes about the topic.
  • Roz Rows: Leo writes these.
  • This Week in Law: I list a few of the topics, ending with a comma and "and more."
  • TWiT: I list a few of the topics, ending with a comma and "and more."
  • Windows Weekly: I list a few of the topics, ending with a comma and "and more."
Longer Description
Very open to what this should contain.
For shows that have guests, I write: "Name Name from Company" and with links for both the person and company if possible. For FLOSS Weekly I always write "for" instead of "from" because usually the person is an advocate of or participant in the open source software, but don't actually work for that company. Linux isn't a company, for instance, although there are companies that use it.
Audible pick section
If it's a weekly show I call it "Audible pick of the week." If it's the Daily Giz Wiz I call it "Audible pick of the day." Tony and I need to mark the time codes of the ads for our clients, so we need to have a field to do that on each section that lists any ad. The preferred way to write this is "The Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick, Vol. 1, Unabridged, By Philip K. Dick, Narrated by Anthony Heald, Malcolm Hillgartner, Paul Michael Garcia, G. Valmont Thomas, Scott Brick
Other ad sections
Tony and I need to list the time codes of all advertisers so the advertisers can quickly go to that time code and know what was said in the show. This is only for the audio version we create in post-production, not the live version.
Production Notes
We also need a section called "Production Notes" where Tony and I can make notes.
Duration (or Length or Runtime or Running Time)
We need a regular place to put this. This is the length of the final produced audio version.
Album Art
It would seem helpful to have each show notes page have a small version of the album art, but I don't that's a requirement.
If someone wants to shoot a screenshot of each show and put it in the top right, that would be fun, but I don't that's a requirement.
We need a standard place to put both recorded date and publish date or release date, such as:
Recorded Date: January 14, 2009
Publish Date: January 15, 2009
We also need places to enter, if needed:
This is something we sometimes put at the end, usually only in TWiT but occaisionally in MacBreak Weekly or other shows.
Special Ending
We occaisionally use non-standard outro music.
Edited By
Edited by: Tony or Dane or Leo
This is a catch-all area for the editor that could include time codes of places we edit out swear words, notes to the effect that someone's Skype kept cutting in and out, any special editing instructions from Leo, or any major problems we had with the editing.