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On the TWiT Wiki, I do the shownotes for This WEEK in GOOGLE and I'm also an administrator on the TWiT Wiki.

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Hi Technical08: That's kind of you to include me in the TWiG show notes, although I've no need of publicity. As that page evolves it may no longer be needed and can be abbreviated. And actually, I suggested the idea a few weeks before Chrome was announced as a future OS. Although others had actually predicted Google would make an OS (other than Android), such as Molly Wood, I'm usually to busy listening to TWiT podcasts and actually hadn't heard that prediction.

Hi Technical08: If you wouldn't mind adding the picks to to the list as part of your routine, that would save time and it would be updated at the same time as the notes. Thanks. Stevencrader 08:51, 26 January 2010 (PST)