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Windows Weekly
Episode 106

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LEO: This is Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrot, episode 106 for May 8th, 2009, One Hundred Little Changes.

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LEO: It's time for Windows Weekly, the show that covers all things Microsoft. And here he is, the old softy himself, Mr. Paul Thurrott, and no way affiliated with Microsoft Corporation, its affiliates or sides.

LEO: But he is the editor in chief, the guy in charge of the Super Site for Windows,, news editor of IT Pro, the author of Windows Vista Secrets and the soon to emerge Windows 7 Secrets. Is that what it'll be called Paul? Windows 7 Secrets?

PAUL: It's a secret yes. I think that's the title.

LEO: (laughs) I can't tell you. So this is a big week, so this is the week that 7100 hit the fan.

PAUL: Yea, you know. I typed up the show notes there and it occurred to me I never mention the show notes. But uh yes.

LEO: But you've been there so long, you see, but for the rest of us, I downloaded it. The download went very smoothly.

PAUL: It did go very smoothly, good for them for that.

LEO: And I have it, and you know, here's the funny thing, normally I'd be rushing to install it right?

PAUL: Yea.

LEO: But 7000, the build that came out in January has been so fine, it's stable and reliable.

PAUL: Yep.

LEO: I don't feel any urgency. When's 7000 expire? Am I going to have to do it anyway?

PAUL: Yea, actually it expires this summer if I'm not mistaken. I think in July.

LEO: So I better...

PAUL: Yea, you're gonna want to...

LEO: I better pull everything off. Deactivate all my Adobe software. I hate that.

PAUL: You know, that is the worst thing ever.

LEO: I hate that.

PAUL: Every time I uninstall Windows, I forget to do something like that.

LEO: Yea.

PAUL: iTunes...

LEO: Right.

PAUL: I've had to go crawling back to Apple a couple of times, "I'm really sorry could you deactivate...?"

LEO: Now I don't.. I guess if you have video you would still have to do that, but you don't have to do it for music anymore, right?

PAUL: No, but you only have a certain number of PCs that you can associate with your account. So if you left one hanging..

LEO: Oh, so they still have that limit even though the DRM is gone? That's just, I guess it's 'cause of video, that's too bad.

PAUL: They've been accommodating, but it's one of those things you kinda forget. Your Audible account...

LEO: Yep, gotta do that.

PAUL: It's all kinds of stuff.

LEO: It's kind of a pain. But I have all the Adobe stuff I have to deactivate.

PAUL: Actually I do have a tidbit for you folks if you are, we are going to talk about Windows 7 upgrading. If you were to say, take a Windows Vista PC and upgrade it to Windows 7, make sure you deactivate all that stuff before you do that.

PAUL: Because a lot of these software titles that require activation of some sort or kind will see the new Windows 7 PC, the old PC now with Windows 7, as a new install.

LEO: Oh.

PAUL: You'll lose an activation.


PAUL: So, that's something I ran into. Because I've installed Windows 7 about 135 times over the past 5 days.

LEO: And you can only do it the certain number of times?

PAUL: No, I mean if you have adobe software or apple software...

LEO: Well that I know, yea yea.

LEO: An upgrade is considered a new PC.

PAUL: Yea, well, just be careful with that, because that's not obvious, right? So.

LEO: Well I didn't know that. No, in fact, thank you.

LEO: That's kind of a bummer.

PAUL: It's like a free tip right at the beginning of the show.

LEO: A free tip, no cost. Well I'll tell you what, I'm gonna make them pay for it right now because it's time for our first ad. How about that, huh huh huh huh?

LEO: Actually it's a new sponsor, you probably don't even know about them yet. It's called SquareSpace, have you ever heard of SquareSpace?

PAUL: I have not.

LEO: (singing) Life is so easy, in a SquareSpace.

PAUL: Is that the theme song or?

LEO: They have a theme song. Life is so easy, I'll play it for you. It's so beautiful, so touching, it's so moving. This is Paul Minshall did this for us. And it's not playing back, but if it were, you'd be hearing it right now.

PAUL: Heh, okay.

LEO: And it kind of sounds like this, "Life is so...". SquareSpace is a web site host. Who hosts SuperSite? How do you do that?

PAUL: Well, the SuperSite, and the blog, and WinInfo are all owned by Penton, which used to be [?]Duke Publishing out of Colorado.

LEO: So you don't own it outright?

PAUL: No, I sold it to Penton's predecessor, I guess. And now I am my self owned and bought and sold like a piece of merchandise.

LEO: Did they pay you to do it?

PAUL: Yea they do.

LEO: What a good deal!

PAUL: If you see a good deal, I don't know if you've noticed how ad rates have fallen this year.

LEO: Ohh.

PAUL: But, uh, (laugh)

LEO: Ohh.

PAUL: The past couple years have been great, this year's gonna, uh.

LEO: That's a good idea. So you create a blog, create an audience,

PAUL: Mmhm.

LEO: And then, if you could sell it to someone who aggregates blogs

PAUL: And then just be a total sellout, exactly.

LEO: Well it's not a sellout. Cause you then take, and as long as possible, especially if they give you.

PAUL: Listen, I will do this for the rest of my life.

LEO: Yea, it's a great job.

PAUL: I say that without any hesitation, I'm happy, this is the one thing I love to do.

LEO: A wonderful, wonderful job.

LEO: Well anyway, you don't have to worry about that, Penton probably worries about that. But if you are running your own website, SquareSpace is such a great solution.

LEO: I get email now from a lot of people who've sent over to SquareSpace. SquareSpace is hosted, but you're not giving up anything when you use a SquareSpace blog, I mean the SquareSpace, or website of any kind. SquareSpace hosting, first of all, they do an amazing virtual hosting thing that is so incredible.

LEO: Ah, let me read you an email I got actually. This is from [?]Anthony Moore, he's a deputy managing editor of the Dallas News. He said, "Thanks for the ads for SquareSpace, I finally decided that my ancient Frontpage site, his personal site, and bloglines blog to a single place. It was easy and intuitive as they claim, and I'm delighted with the results. Plus I got the 10% discount. I love SquareSpace."

LEO: I love it too! If you are doing a blog, a photo gallery, a forum. If you have Google Maps. I mean the plug ins, the drag and drop interface. You go into the design interface and you can start with their existing templates and beautiful ones too, but you can literally use AJAX to resize and move things around.

LEO: And then, when it's time to put your content in, it does complete import in from Wordpress, Typepad, Blogger. It also does complete export, so, you know, if you decide to move on, you're not stuck. And I know, it's a new thing, you might not be completely comfortable, yet. You will be. MovableType is also supported.

LEO: Here's the deal, you can try it free right now by going to No credit card needed or anything. The sign-up's instant. But you only get two weeks, but I think that's enough to kind of import the stuff, see if it looks like what you want. The reason 2 weeks is enough, as soon as you see what you can do with it, you're gonna get blown away.

LEO: And then if you decide to sign up, use windows as the coupon code to get 10% off, just like Anthony did. The promo code is "windows"., promo code "windows". I'm telling ya, people are loving SquareSpace, and I know you will too. Give it a try.

LEO: Except for you Paul. You don't have to try it.

PAUL: I don't know, I'm actually...

LEO: Go play with it.

PAUL: I'm looking at it. It's interesting, I have a developer background, and um. By the way, for whatever it's worth, it doesn't.

LEO: During the live show, apparently they're working on it as we speak. So Dane, let'm know that the url's not working quite yet.

PAUL: But aside from that little uh,

LEO: But on the recorded show the people, by then by the time the show goes up tomorrow,

PAUL: You know, coming up as a developer and getting into web development, umm,

LEO: It's changed a lot.

PAUL: I'm sure I'm comfortable with all that stuff, but, you know, I.. the future of this stuff is like word processing or desktop publishing.

LEO: Well look at it, that's exactly what it is.

PAUL: You don't think of codes and so forth.

LEO: Right, and you get, but you still get, you can still use CSS. If you want to be one of those crazy developer types, you can still do all that.

PAUL: No I don't. In fact, I'm so far behind the times now. I mean, my site's very plain and I believe will be upgraded some time this year. But, uh, yea, these things are beautiful.

LEO: Well I have friends at SquareSpace if you ever, if you ever want to go there.

PAUL: Yea.

LEO: Just let me know. I can help.

PAUL: Yea, it's time for plan B Leo.

LEO: We've moved so many people, Densie Howell's moving over there, [?]Sara Lane moved over there, Kevin Rose moved over there, [?]Dick de Bartello moved over there. The ads, we don't actually have any listeners buy SquareSpace because all the hosts are doing it. I'm telling you this thing is amazing. People are going crazy, we're moving our TWiT Blog over there, Inside TWiT.

LEO: So,it's just, it's really slick. I've been moving Leoville over, but you know, I am such a doofus. Um, I keep changing the design and I'm a customer from hell. So I'm sorry to say.

PAUL: Alright, you tinker.

LEO: I'm a tinkerer! That's a nice way to put it. My wife has another phrase for it, she says I like to dick around.

PAUL: (laughs) Yes! That's um, that's a very Boston term, dick around.

LEO: (Boston accent) Ya' dicking around eh?

PAUL: I like it.

LEO: (Boston accent) Ya' confoody? Ya' dicking around wid it?

PAUL: It's funny cause it makes no sense at all but you know exactly what she's talking about.

LEO: Ohhh yes.

PAUL: (laughs) You know, it's good.

LEO: So what else about Windows 7 do you want to say since it isn't on your play list today?

PAUL: Let's see what is on my playlist. [10:15]