Windows Weekly 111

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Windows Weekly
Episode 111


  • Microsoft will sell Windows 7 "E" Editions in Europe only
    • No IE 8 included
    • Related: Windows 7 marches to final
    • Build 7229 has leaked, Build 7300 is the RTM escrow build
    • Related: Memo reveals temporary Vista/7 Upgrade pricing
      • $49.99 Home Premium
      • $99.99 Professional
  • Bing is off to a fast start
    • Maybe Microsoft is finally onto something
    • Jumped from 7 to 10+ percent usage share in less than two weeks
    • Early jump hasn't fallen back
  • "News" surfaces about Morro
    • Free AV solution coming soon
    • can't say too much right now, but assume I'm on top of this
  • WWDC: What's in it for a Windows user?
    • New iPhone 3G S - "controversy" over iPhone 3G upgrades
    • New iPhone 3.0 OS Software Update - minor update, free, coming next week
    • Real controversy over two features: MMS, tethering - not in the US (at least not at first)
    • Apple's BS comparison of Snow Leopard and Windows 7
    • BTW: Every OS X upgrade should cost $29; this is a good starting point for Vista/7 upgrades too
    • Apple's bizarre admission that Mac OS X has 3.5 percent worldwide usage share
    • New version of Safari 4- They fixed the tabs, but there are better options (plus, no fullscreen?)
  • Google goes after Exchange
    • Offers free Outlook migration tool

Tip of the Week

  • Living la Vida 7 means living like you have Mac OS X - Sometimes "going all in" requires a bit of rethinking. In this case, pre-populating the Windows 7 taskbar with all the shortcuts you regularly use and forgoing the Start Menu almost entirely.

Software Pick of the Week

Thanks to Jason More for the tip.

  • Game Booster - "Designed to help optimize your PC for smoother, more responsive game play in the latest PC games with the touch of a button, Game Booster helps achieve the performance edge previously only available to highly technical enthusiasts. It works by temporarily shutting down background processes, cleaning RAM, and intensifying processor performance. That means you can keep all the features of Windows Vista and XP ready for when you need them, but turn them off when you are ready to get down to serious business – gaming."

Thanks to Robert Martinez

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Master and Commander: Aubrey/Maturin Series, Book 1 by Patrick O'Brian (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Patrick Tull



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  • Recorded Date: June 11, 2009
  • Release Date: June 12, 2009
  • Duration: 1:11:07
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  • Edited by: Tony
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