Windows Weekly 127

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Windows Weekly
Episode 127


  • Windows 7 Launch
    • Kiley was there
    • Focus on simplification, efficiency, performance
    • A ton of new PCs of all kinds
    • Excellent deals to be had in the coming days
    • Some launch day numbers from Microsoft
    • Amazon: Windows 7 preorders better than those of XP and Vista combined
    • People actually stood in line for this one
    • And... Good news on the clean upgrade
    • Related: I'm heading to my own Windows 7 launch party after this recording
  • Office 2010 public beta in November
  • Twitter coming to Microsoft, Google search
  • Facebook coming to Microsoft
  • Critical tech
    • We use and even recommend hardware and software on an ongoing basis. But only some of it really sticks. Here are the ones that have made the biggest impact in the year or so (for me): Windows Home Server, Kindle, iPhone, Last Pass
    • Do you have anything like this? Hardware/software you just can't live without?

Tip of the Week

  • Speed Up Zune Marketplace Searches - In IE, navigate to Tools, Internet Options, and then the Connection tab. Click the LAN settings button and then uncheck "Automatically detect settings. [1]

Software Pick of the Week

  • Media Player Classic Home Cinema - A continuation of the well-regarded Media Player Classic, Great for video watching, Supports H.264/VC-1, plays virtually anything, Minimal system footprint, Native 64-bit executable for Windows Vista/7 x64

Notable Quotes

Significant Products

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SuperFreakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Stephen J. Dubner

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