Windows Weekly 133

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Windows Weekly
Episode 133


  • Video archive of podcast?
    • Windows Weekly is available in a video format now, but where can people find this?
  • Windows 7 USB/DVD tool update
    • What happened to Microsoft's little licensing violation?
  • Battle of the 3G networks: AT&T vs. Verizon
    • It's like taking candy from a baby
  • Web browser usage share: IE drops for 3 straight months
    • Firefox, Chrome up. IE, Safari down.
    • This maps to Mac market share which was down in both October and November
  • Office 2010 coming June 2010
    • Mac Office in 2010 as well
    • Why is Microsoft making Outlook for the Mac?
  • Black Screen of Death controversy
    • Not caused by November security updates as originally claimed
    • And much rarer than originally claimed
  • What funny movie was being discussed that starred Kevin Kline and Jamie Lee Curtis?
    • A Fish Called Wanda [1]

Tip of the Week

  • Create ad-hoc wireless networks ... Yes, even with Windows 7 Starter
    • Windows 7, like Windows Vista, lets you create ad-hoc, peer-to-peer wireless networks for sharing purposes. But you can also use this to share a wired (or 3G) Internet connection between two computers. According to Microsoft, this feature isn't available to Windows 7 Starter. But that's not the case at all.

Software Pick of the Week

  • 7Stacks - "7stacks is an easy to use, free app that lets Windows 7 (and Vista and XP) users have "stacks" of icons in their Taskbar (in 7) or QuickLaunch Toolbar (in Vista and XP). By using stacks, users can reduce icon clutter, and combine a group of related icons into a single icon. For instance, if you use application suites such as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, or Adobe CS4, you can have all the suite's icons combined into one icon! ... Windows 7 seemed to have one glaring omission of OSX: stacks. Now, with 7stacks, you get almost the same functionality as the OS X stacks, but with a more "Windows 7" appearance."
    • Thanks to Jason Wasser for the tip

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I, Alex Cross by James Patterson (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Tim Cain, Michael Cerveris

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