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Windows Weekly
Episode 139

Windows Weekly 139: Big Trouble in Little Paul

The rebirth of Windows Mobile, PC sales soar, and Google bitch slaps China.


  • PC shipments surge in holiday quarter
    • Biggest year-over-year quarterly gain in over seven years
    • Worldwide PC sales in quarter: Over 90 million, up 22.5 percent
    • US PC sales in quarter: Over 20 million, up 23 percent
    • Analysts cite availability of low-cost PCs. But we had these kinds of PCs last year.
    • I think there is one big difference between late 2009 and late 2008: Windows 7.
    • Top PC makers: HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba
    • Biggest winners: Acer and Dell
    • Biggest loser: Possibly Apple, which fell to 5th place in US market despite strong sales
    • The netbook--and Windows 7--have contributed to a plateauing of Mac sales that started, go figure, in October.
  • Microsoft pulled Office/Word from its electronic stores and services
    • And it started appearing again within hours, depending on which service you're looking at
    • In accordance with injunction in i4i case
  • A new outlook for Windows Mobile
    • Microsoft has a plan to save Windows Mobile and it might just make sense
    • First: Support for capacitive touch screens
    • Second: A new generation of Windows Mobile 6.5 (either 6.5.3 or 6.6) devices with touch-friendly UIs
    • Third: Windows Mobile 7
    • More at Mobile World Congress (February) and MIX'10 (March)
  • Nexus One fallout
    • The "superphone" not so super according to some reviewers
    • Some complaints about the cost of ending the contract as well
    • But I think it's fantastic
    • This is the first serious iPhone contender I've seen
  • Google and China
    • Other companies are involved as well
    • No one is saying this for some reason, but attack very clearly came from the Chinese government or its agents
    • Fallout: Gmail finally goes https:// by default

Tip of the Week

  • Some New Year resolutions - things we can do better this year
    • Backup. Early and often. Locally and offsite (ideally to the cloud). Consider syncing critical data (documents, music, etc.) between PCs as well (or instead, depending on your needs).
    • It's time to say goodbye to "www" in URLs (we already stopped using http://). As a heads-up, Chrome does a superior job of URL prediction when typing.
    • Modernize and simplify. Doing more with less is more relevant than ever. Don't just "upgrade" your system/infrastructure. Do the right thing.

Software Pick of the Week

  • Simple AdBlock for IE - A simple browser extension for Internet Explorer designed to make ad blocking easy. Simple Adblock blocks all kinds of advertising from websites including flash ads, banner ads, rich media, slide-ins and fly-ins."
  • Thanks to Mainuddin Ahmad Jonas for the tip.

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Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion by Gary Vaynerchuck (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Gary Vaynerchuck



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