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Windows Weekly
Episode 140

Windows Weekly 140: It's Finger Friendly

Windows 7 rumors, Microsoft's out-of-band patch, the return of Neelie Kroes and more.


  • Microsoft to limit IP address retention in Bing search results to 6 months
    • From 18 months; a response to EU privacy concerns
    • Calls for Google, Yahoo! to do the same
    • Related: Bing Maps is out of beta
  • IE patch coming early
    • "Out of band" in Microsoft-speak
    • Will address vulnerability that helped in Google attack from China
    • IE 6 users are screwed
    • Safer with IE 8, which can be configured to mitigate this vulnerability
    • Key point: Risk is actually very low; German and French governments have overreacted
  • Windows Mobile 7 rumors start heating up
    • Unveiling in Barcelona next month
    • More info at MIX'10 (Las Vegas) in March
    • Hopefully will ship with new devices in 2010
    • Rumors: Separate Business and Media editions
  • Apple finally support Windows 7 in Boot Camp
    • Allows Mac users to dual boot with Microsoft's latest OS using native drivers
    • Previously worked OK with Vista drivers
    • Apparently almost 85 percent of Mac users have Windows on their machines too
  • Apple Tablet event next week ... Or is it really an iPhone 4.0 Platform event?
    • I think the iPhone 4.0 platform is really the big deal this year from Apple
    • Could be one platform to drive iPods, iPhones, and Tablets/portable Macs

Tip of the Week

  • Sync all of your address books with the cloud - Soocial - one hassle-free address book - Your phone, your computer and web applications will have the same address book. Automatic daily backups of your contacts, so you'll be prepared when disaster strikes.
  • Thanks to Rob Truman for the tip

Software Pick of the Week

  • Firefox 3.6 - New: Personas, add-on update auto-checking, performance improvements, more HTML 5

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The Godwulf Manuscript by Robert B. Parker (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Michael Prichard


GoToMeeting #2 ad times: 0:34-0:44 and 21:21-24:06

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