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Windows Weekly
Episode 144

Windows Weekly 144: I Have Really Big Spreadsheet Needs

A first look at Windows Phone 7, Microsoft and Yahoo get the green light to join forces, and bumbling Buzz...


  • Windows Phone 7 Series
    • Lots of promise, lots of questions
    • But this is a very credible challenger to the iPhone/Android
    • And much better than I think anyone believed Microsoft was capable of
    • Semi-related: Nokia and Intel team up on MeeGo
  • Outlook integrates with social networking services
    • LinkedIn now, Facebook and MySpace soon
    • Not just for Outlook 2010
  • Small Hotmail outages causes privacy fears
    • It's going to be a while before privacy nuts are OK with cloud computing

Windows 7 Feature of the week: Windows Anytime Upgrade

  • It stinks that there are so many Windows 7 versions but at least it's painless to upgrade [1]

Windows 7 Tip of the Week: Customize pinned taskbar shortcuts

  • You can customize the pinned items on the taskbar. When the jump list is open, right click the program name and choose properties. From there, you can set any shortcut properties like Run As Administrator. [2]
  • Thanks to Daniel A. White for the tip

Tip of the Week

Save money on travel with new integrated services. Not really Windows related, but these are new and interesting

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UR by Stephen King (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Holter Graham



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