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Windows Weekly
Episode 150


Paul's punctures the reality distortion field, talks about the Modern Warfare map fiasco, and announces his newest book..

  • Thanks to Peter Franchi (pr. "Frankie")
    • He fixed my phone, for free
  • On writing "Windows Phone Secrets" and my new blog ... and...
    • Windows Phone design themes: Why it's different than the iPhone or Android
    • Microsoft has done a good job of communicating exactly what it's doing
  • Windows 7 adoption trends
    • Early adopters very satisfied
    • More users are upgrading existing PCs than ever before. Why?
  • Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack disaster
    • Why do Infinity Ward and Microsoft hate gamers so much?
  • Zune HD 64 coming April 12
    • In case you were in the market for an also-ran
  • There's no Office like Office
    • I've been amazed to read a number of "Office is dead" stories this week
    • This opinion is not corroborated by fact
    • The truth: Office is a lynchpin of Microsoft's revenue stream and it's not suffering at all from the competition
    • The Ribbon is coming to more Microsoft products, including many of the Windows Live apps in Wave 4
    • This explains why OWA is such a weak offering

Windows 7 Feature of the Week: Scenic Ribbon

  • With Windows 7, Microsoft has formally added the ribbon UI to its primary platform and while it's only in three apps right now, many more are on the way. [1]

Windows 7 Tip of the Week: Smart copying of files

  • Windows behaves in certain ways when copying/moving files to other locations. But you can override the default behavior, and drag and drop a shortcut if you want.
    • Drag + CTRL = Copy
    • Drag + CTRL + SHIFT = Create shortcut
    • Drag with right mouse button = Menu to choose between Copy, Move, Create shortcut
  • Thanks to Nick Shoust for the tip
  • Plus: A simpler right-click shortcut

Software Pick of the Week

  • FixWin - Freeware portable application to repair & fix common Windows annoyances & issues. FixWin detects whether you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista installed and accordingly offers you the relevant fixes only.
  • These guys also make FixIE, FixWMP, and other tools.

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I Drink for a Reason by David Cross (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by David Cross



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