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Windows Weekly
Episode 155


  • Microsoft Kin phones arrive
    • They look OK, but the pricing is horrible and could impact sales
  • Office 2010: A quick look at what's happening
    • Office 2010 suites: Upgrade immediately if you're on Office 2003 or use Outlook
    • Office Web Apps: No replacement for Office unless you have minimal needs and can handle performance issues
    • Office Mobile 2010: No big changes, more touch-friendly, a couple of Outlook upgrades
    • Overall: As always, Office is most impressive when you combine two or more of the products
  • IE 9 Platform Preview 2
    • Again, just for developers with no hint of final UI
    • But a revisiting of Microsoft's "same markup" ideas around web standards - which is the right approach
    • Related: Though IE 8 is the most popular browser version, IE usage overall is dropping every month - but the big beneficiary is Chrome, not Firefox
  • Related: Microsoft's take on the Flash debate
    • H.264 is the future yes, but we support Flash too of course
  • Revisiting the Windows copy and paste issue
    • I think this is actually a bug. Or I'm going insane. You decide.

Windows 7 Feature of the Week: Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC

  • The latter is available to all Windows 7 users for free, and no longer requires hardware virtualization support. The former is a perk for Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise users, and provides a free, licensed copy of Windows XP Professional with SP3 for backwards compatibility purposes. The big new feature in this version is seamless virtualized application access, but there are a few other things going on, too, including USB support (a first for VPC, believe it or not) and some Windows 7 integration pieces (like Jump List support). The USB piece is interesting because it opens the possibility of using legacy USB devices that don't work with Windows 7 for some reason.

Windows 7 Tip of the Week: Get panoramic photo stitching and more (for free) with Windows Live Photo Gallery

  • Windows Live Essentials includes a number of useful applications that every Windows 7 user should check out, but Windows Live Photo Gallery is particularly good, offering: panoramic photo stitching, simple sharing of local photos to online services (Windows Live Photos, Flickr, Facebook, SmugMug, Google PicasaWeb, and more), automatic people tagging, integrated photos from your friends via the Windows Live What's New feed, create movies or DVDs, post to blogs, and virtually all of the photo editing tools a typical consumer would need. Did I mention it was free?
  • Thanks to Monte Christopher Jeu for the tip.

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Innocent by Scott Turow (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Edward Hermann



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