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Windows Weekly
Episode 156


  • Big news: Paul announces the cessation of combat hostilities.
  • Next week: I'm embedded in Redmond for Windows Phone
    • *Finally*
  • An update on the copy/paste fiasco
    • First of all, thanks to everyone who's written in. Now stop doing that please. :)
    • Microsoft says it cannot find a pattern in Windows that causes this bug
    • I now believe it to be app specific - and have learned that apps can (and do) actually flush the clipboard when started/selected in some cases
  • Office 2010 launches in New York
    • Some news about other Office products/releases
    • Office Mobile 2010 available now, for free, to Windows Mobile 6.5 users
    • Related: Bing app for Windows Mobile updated
    • Office 2010 and OWA for consumers (retail, web, PC bundles, etc.) on June 15 as I previously reported
  • Related: Office vs. Google Docs
    • So much for the competition.
    • Office marketshare has been unchanged for three years straight at 94 percent. There is no competition.
    • This means Google Docs has had zero impact.
    • A clue to why: Google says it has 25 million Google Apps users, but almost all of them are non-payers.
    • Microsoft Online Services (MOS, hosted Exchange, SharePoint, etc.) has over 40 million paying customers. It's been on the market for less time. And every single user pays.
    • The biggest competitor to Office: Older Office versions. 60-70 percent are on Office 2003.
  • Intel says that we have crossed a huge milestone: We now sell over 1 million PCs every single day
    • Notes that iPad sales, by comparison, are currently "insignificant."
  • Android outsells iPhone in the US, NPD says
    • And a curious response from Apple (curious because they never respond to this stuff): We still outsell Android worldwide. **Right. That's not what the NPD report is about. Hey, at least you're still beating Windows Mobile.

Windows 7 Feature of the Week: Windows Gadgets

  • Microsoft's attempt to copy Mac OS X's widgets comes up short, by almost any measure. Debuted in Vista. Big changes in Windows 7: Removal of the Sidebar, touch compatibility, high-DPI support, size toggling on most gadgets, and a (very) few gadget changes. Not much else. Note that you can overcome the lack of a Sidebar by using Aero Peek (WINKEY + SPACE) or WINKEY + D. And you can navigate between running gadgets by using WINKEY + G. [1]
  • Also: There are more gadgets available online [2]

Windows 7 Tip of the Week: Access taskbar shortcuts with the keyboard

  • An oldie but a goodie: WINKEY + 1 through WINKEY + 0 will open the first ten taskbar shortcuts, in succession. So if you tap WINKEY + 1, it will open the first (or, by default, the leftmost) shortcut. Additionally, this can be used to minimize windows as well. So if iTunes is the third shortcut on the taskbar and it's both running and has the focus, you can tap WINKEY + 3 to minimize it. Also, you can use SHIFT + WINKEY + # to open a new instance of an app that is already running, and CTRL + WINKEY + # to go to the most recently used instance of a running app with multiple windows open. And ALT + WINKEY + # will open the jump list for the application in question.
  • Thanks to Hussain Miah for the tip
  • Other good taskbar-based shortcuts to remember:
    • WINKEY or CTRL + ESC = Toggles the Start Menu
    • WINKEY + D = Show desktop
    • WINKEY + SPACE = Aero Peek
    • Shift+Click on a taskbar button = Open another instance of an already running application
    • Ctrl+Shift+Click on a taskbar button = Open program as an administrator
    • Shift+Right-click on a taskbar button = Show the context menu for the shortcut
    • Shift+Right-click on a grouped taskbar button = Show the (oldschool) window menu for the grouped app
    • Ctrl+Click on a grouped taskbar button = Cycle through each window or tab of the running app
    • WINKEY + T = Cycle through open windows on the taskbar
    • CTRL + WINKEY + B = Switch to the app that displayed a message in the notification area

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A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Jim Killavey



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