Windows Weekly 162

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Windows Weekly
Episode 162


  • Windows 7 hits 150 million licenses sold
    • Sales are actually accelerating, now on track to sell 300 million copies in CY2010
  • Windows Live Essentials Beta is here
    • Finally
    • Related: Hotmail is starting to roll out
    • Related: IE 9 Platform Preview 3 is here too, for developers
    • Related: Windows Live Messenger for iPhone
  • Bing Spring 2010 updates
    • Still not a lot of respect for some reason, but Bing is turning into something pretty excellent
    • Great mobile apps too
  • Hotmail vs. Gmail
    • Hotmail has Exchange ActiveSync support now, but is it good enough to unseat Gmail as the power user email provider of choice. **The short answer is no, but it's gotten a lot better and should be fine for "normal" users.
  • TechNet Standard revisited
    • Why are there so many questions about this? [1]
  • Skipping the iPhone 4
    • I'm waiting on Windows Phone
    • Related: iOS 4 is amazing. And I'm sure the iPhone 4 is as well.
    • Related: Amazon drops price of Kindle to $190. Now we're talking.
  • How Paul's kids almost cost him $1000
    • Three fun episodes with the kids: Xbox 360 S/PC security/iPod touch in-game purchases
  • Paul's road-trip: From Boston to Durango, Colorado - Thursday through next week
    • I'll be in Durango for next week's show

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Spies of the Balkans by Alan Furst (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Daniel Gerroll



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  • CarbPro #2
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