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Windows Weekly
Episode 171


  • Windows Phone Secrets completed this week
    • I'll never do this again. Never!
  • Windows Phone news: Marketplace opening and final developer tools scheduled
    • Final version of Visual Studio for Windows Phone and Expression Blend on September 16
    • Marketplace for Windows Phone in early October
  • SBS "Aurora" and WHS "Vail": Some notes from the battlefield
    • I'm implementing both of these solutions here in Maison du Thurrott - There's a lot to learn
  • Hotmail EAS coming soon.
    • Push, over-the-air access to Hotmail-based email, calendar, contacts and tasks on supported **mobile devices for one and all
  • Yahoo Search completes transition to Bing
    • US and Canada, English only
    • Other languages (French, Spanish) in week; other countries throughout 2011 and 2012
  • Internet Explorer 9 UI revealed
    • It looks like Chrome, which is a wise move in my opinion.
  • Small Office Web Apps update gives hope for the future
    • Nothing major, functionally, but if they can keep updates coming on this schedule, Microsoft **will prove they "get" the online market
  • Halo: Reach pirated
    • Gamers who download and play pirated versions face "permaban" from Xbox Live.
  • Related: This is a *huge* year for Xbox 360 gaming
    • I've preordered Halo: Reach, Call of Duty Black Ops, Medal of Honor, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, the Kinect and several Kinect titles. This should make up for July nicely.
  • Intel and McAfee: A second look
    • Maybe this wasn't so crazy after all
  • Microsoft late to the tablet game? What about HP? What about Google?
    • Microsoft gets a lot of crap for its slow response to the iPad. But they're moving faster than the other so-called, would-be competition. I'm looking at you, HP (WebOS Tablet) and Google (Android).

Windows 7 Feature of the Week: Parental Controls

  • The parental control functionality that debuted in Windows Vista is updated in Windows 7 to support multiple games rating systems and parental control providers, while some functionality is pushed out to Family Safety, part of Windows Live Essentials (and is thus updated more frequently).

Windows 7 Tip of the Week: Create a wireless hosted network using a hidden feature in Windows 7

  • This was originally going to have a GUI, but Microsoft took it out of Windows 7 because it doesn't work with every wireless adapter. But if you do have a compatible wireless adapter, you can share a wireless connection using the same wireless adapter, or share a wired connection with the wireless adapter. There's a third party utility we've recommended called Connectify that does this. Or you can simply configure it yourself.

Software Pick of the Week

  • Similarity - Compares music files on your PC and looks for duplicates. Why is it special? Because it doesn't just compare meta-data or file names, it actually compares the contents of the files.
  • Thanks to Andrew Simek for the tip!
  • Scrim - A way to hide your email address from spammers and scammer
  • Thanks to David Sherman for the tip!

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The Big Lie: Spying, Scandal and Ethical Collapse at Hewlett Packard by Anthony Bianco (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Peter Ganim


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