Windows Weekly 172

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Windows Weekly
Episode 172


  • Windows Phone 7 RTM
    • And for once, I didn’t get screwed by last second feature changes
  • Windows 7 Family Pack returning October 3
    • As we discussed in early July
    • $150 for three Home Premium licenses, will be worldwide this time
  • Apple Music event
    • Eh. Nothing major, nothing surprises.
    • Ping: Zune Social ripoff, iTunes 10 is the same old software with same old problems
    • iPod shuffle- 3 year old design returns
    • iPod nano – loses features, has touch but isn’t App Store compatible
    • iPod touch – great, and as expected
    • Apple TV – yet another streaming box. Price is right though
  • Xbox 360 news
    • A new controller … and an Xbox Live price hike??
  • Amazon Kindle 3
    • Yeah, it really is that good. We bought two!
  • Windows Live Sync will be renamed Windows Live Mesh, gain new features
    • Microsoft meets the critics half-way on Live Mesh

Windows 7 Feature of the Week: Windows Explorer

  • Microsoft has significantly updated Windows Explorer yet again in Windows 7, this time with a new toolbar, a resizable search box, and a new navigational pane.

Windows 7 Tip of the Week: Remove the Windows 7 Features You Don’t Need

  • And add some that aren’t installed by default. Some possibilities for removal: Games, Internet Explorer, media features (Windows Media Player, Media Center, DVD Maker), Windows Fax and Scan, Windows Gadget Platform, Tablet PC Components, XPS Services and XPS Viewer

Software Pick of the Week

  • iTunes 10 - It’s not the great rewrite I had hoped for, but you need it if you use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod

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  • Carb #3
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