Windows Weekly 173

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Windows Weekly
Episode 173


  • Just Say No?
    • Apple is openly antagonistic to Windows users. Is it time to look elsewhere?
    • Trigger point: iTunes 10, but this has been building for a while
    • The only alternative to most/all of the i-ecosystem is Microsoft, and even that has its own issues
  • Rumors of an international Zune Pass launch
  • Google Instant Search
    • Brilliant? Or further signs of the "dumbening"?
  • Microsoft shuts down major botnet
    • Invites criminals to show up in court to contest it
  • Mark Hurd and Oracle vs. HP
    • Hurd joins Oracle, is sued by HP for trade secrets violations
  • Digital Media Core: H.264
    • 3 years ago, it wasn't clear that H.264 was the obvious choice. Now it is clear.
  • live chat room Q&A

Windows 7 Feature of the Week: View Available Networks

  • Windows 7 includes a new Jump List-like utility for finding and connecting to Wi-Fi, mobile broadband, dial-up, and VPN connections. Unlike the similar UI in Windows Vista, this utility, called View Available Networks, does not require you to navigate through a series of dialogs and windows.

Windows 7 Tip of the Week: More fun with keyboard shortcuts

  • A favorite, from email: If you select any item in an explorer pane which is in details view or any item in a listview type control in s desktop application and then press ctrl+"numpad +" the columns will automatically resize. Thanks to Stephen Lambie for the tip.

Tip of the Week

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Software Pick of the Week

  • VLC Media Player - We've had this one on before, but as part of my anti-iTunes jihad, here's a media player that does everything QuickTime Player/iTunes does (from a media playback standpoint), including being compatible with H.264/soft captioning.

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