Windows Weekly 180

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Windows Weekly
Episode 180


  • PDC10- Microsoft's "biggest" ever developer show
    • Not much in the way of big news for average users, very much developer focused
    • Topics: Windows 7 momentum, IE 9, Windows Phone 7, Azure and cloud services
  • Of Windows Phone and micro-SD memory expansion
    • Not quite the final word
  • Ray Ozzie drops a grenade on his way out of Microsoft
    • This one will be debated forever and will color Microsoft's record earnings tonight
    • Some pretty high profile gnashing of the teeth over Microsoft's future. But this is not really new.
  • The Slate PC arrives
    • Did anyone notice?
  • Service Pack 1 RC1 for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Still no new features for Windows 7
  • Travel sites unit to oppose Google purchase of ITA

Windows Phone 7 Feature of the Week: Hardware

  • Hardware features your phone is guaranteed to have ... and some that are optional

Tip of the Week: Free photo editing with Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011

  • Photo Fuse for combining the best parts of photos, noise reduction, retouching, straightening, panoramas, and more. Plus facial recognition and online sharing to a variety of photo and video sites
  • Thanks to Brian Scott for the tip

Windows Phone 7 software pick of the week: The Harvest

  • Awesome 3D action game for Windows Phone, with Xbox LIVE achievements

Software Pick of the Week

  • Games for Windows - LIVE - Happy Wheels - Essentially Xbox LIVE for Windows, it's about to undergo a renaissance with the addition of a web-based apps store.
  • And you can get FEAR right now for just $5! [1]

Notable Quotes

at 21:46: "Microsoft executives don't so much leave the company as they get picked off bit by bit like a scab" ~Paul Thurrott referring to Ray Ozzie at microsoft

Significant Products

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Ford Fiesta

  • Fiesta #2
  • ad times: 0:51-1:13 and 45:58-50:07


  • offer code Windows
  • Carb #3
  • ad times: 1:13-1:25 and 1:05:42-1:07:27

Production Information

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