Windows Weekly 186

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Windows Weekly
Episode 186


  • Dell Inspiron Duo is a dud
    • Dell's new convertible laptop is heavy, has a tiny screen, and gets horrible battery life.
  • Russia backs down against dissident group after Microsoft removes support
    • And really, they only needed a little public outrage to do the right thing.
  • Internet Explorer 9 is always in beta, so adding new features is no problem
    • IE 9 to get "Do Not Track" feature, sort of, and a release candidate in early 2011.
  • Big week for Google
    • New Android, Nexus S, eBookStore, Chrome/Chrome OS, and Chrome Web Store news
  • Google's Chrome OS is bad news for Windows and the Mac
    • Google's embrace of cloud computing and simplicity is going to put it over the top. Interesting comparisons to iPad here as well. People are clearly tiring of the complexity of traditional PCs and embracing simplicity.
  • Holiday tech gift picks, week two
    • Video games. Wii for the young kids, Xbox 360 for everyone else. Already have a console? There are dozens of great new games to choose from. Gaming on the go? Forget traditional game devices: Apple's iPod touch is the way to go this year, unless you already have a smart phone.
    • Tom recommended the "Orbit" media streaming device, but he probably meant the "Orb TV"
  • Live Q and A
  • All tips, features, and apps of the Week will return next week.

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