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Windows Weekly
Episode 191


  • One too many emails about Leo trying to give away Samsung Focus at CES
    • I am here if you need an intervention.
  • PC sales for Q4 2010 and CY 2010
    • As expected: Approximately 350 million PCs sold, up from 300 million in 2009. 13.7 percent growth, higher than expected. Consumer sales slowed towards end of year, IDC and Gartner blame iPad. I can disprove that, but there is no doubt iPad will impact the PC in 2011, so the point is moot. Mac sales strong, but corporate PC sales stronger: Apple fell from 4th to 5th place in the US in Q4.
  • Microsoft's Windows Everywhere Strategy is wrong
    • And I'm the Windows guy. Oh, and Ballmer just marked his 11th anniversary as CEO today. Let's celebrate!
  • Waiting on video game sales for Q4 2010 and CY 2010 (Coming Thursday night)
    • 2010 retail numbers are expected to show their second consecutive decline, a first for video games. Best case: Flat sales.
    • Nintendo says it sold 7m Wii consoles in 2010, best ever
    • Microsoft says it sold out of 360 in late December, suggesting a sales shortfall excuse
    • Silence from Sony so far
    • Plus: Some interesting worldwide hardware totals: Wii (84.7m), 360 (51.2m), PS3 (46.2m)
  • Microsoft's latest "screw you" to WHS users, and then a last-minute reprieve
    • I'm losing faith here.
  • Windows Phone news:
    • Microsoft investigating 3G data leakage issue. A possible reason/solution.
    • And ... Some thoughts about Verizon/Sprint availability of Windows Phone, possibly not good news
  • iPhone 4 on Verizon Wireless
    • Stop the insanity. This is not a slam dunk.
  • Microsoft vs. Apple on App Store (attempted) trademark
    • Microsoft 1, Apple 0.
  • Bob Muglia ousted at Microsoft
    • The executive exodus continues. Will the last one left please turn over the tech industry to Apple?
  • News tidbits:
    • An interim fix for IE vulnerability
    • Google and H.264 (and a nice mocking Microsoft comeback)
  • Live Q and A (time permitting)

Windows Phone App of the Week: Amazon Kindle

  • Best-ever version of Amazon's wonderful Kindle app.
  • Also: TWiT app has been updated to version 1.4, so please update. This adds some user requested features and bug fixes.

Software Pick of the Week

  • Angry Birds for the PC - $4.99, install on up to 5 PCs. The bad news: To get it, you have to install the Intel AppUp software first. It's worth it.

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