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Windows Weekly
Episode 192


  • Windows Phone news:
    • Microsoft claims it has found 3G data leak problem in WP7, blames unnamed third party app. This is clearly not the (entire) problem.
    • Software updates for Windows Phone? Where are they? And why isn't Microsoft on the same path Apple was with the iPhone in 2007??
  • 2010 PC sales, part 2
    • Now that Apple's results are in, let's make a comparison between PC and Mac sales.
    • Apple sold 11.23 million Macs in CY 2009 and 14.4 million in 2010. YOY growth = 16.16 percent
    • PC makers sold 300 million PCs in CY 2009 and 248.5 million in 2010. YOY growth = 28.22 percent
    • Apple's CY 2009 market share was percent was 3.74 percent. For 2010, it was 4.42 percent
    • These are worldwide figures of course.
  • The mystery behind the release of Windows 7 SP1
    • It's here. Or is it? The official release will be next week or the week after.
  • A preview of the Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate that's coming at end of January
    • UI changes, including cleaner-looking, squared-off tabs (Beta uses IE 8 style tabs), a new ActiveX Filter feature that can toggle ActiveX elements on a page-by-page basis, the previously-announced tracking protection feature, latest rendering engine from recent platform preview builds
    • Coming January 28
  • Video game sales, part 2
    • We didn't have all the numbers last week. But we do now.
    • Nintendo won December with 2.36 million Wii consoles in December
    • Microsoft surprised with a record 1.9 million Xbox 360s sold in December and 3.27m for Q4
    • Sony trailed with 1.2 million PS3s in December
    • Microsoft's best month was only good enough for a number two showing, and let's face it, it wasn't that far ahead of the PS3
    • Microsoft now warning that it may fall short in January and February because it had to take stock to meet holiday demand.
    • Related: Some Dashboard updates this week (anti-piracy, Gamertag UI change)
  • OneNote for iPhone
    • Microsoft ships another iOS app. But where's the iPad version? More important, where's Office?
  • Exchange vs. Google Apps in the battle of the nines
    • Google is exaggerating its uptime claims. Why isn't Microsoft fighting back harder?
  • A few thoughts about Steve Jobs and Apple
    • He's irreplaceable. It's time to replace him

Windows Phone 7 App of the Week: Zombies!

  • A Left 4 Dead-style game, but turn-based, and for Windows Phone: Kill the zombie horde on the go! (Actually, it's based on a board game)

Software Pick of the Week

  • Air Video - Fixes a weird missing feature in the iPad and AirPlay and works pretty well. $2.99
  • Eraser - Securely erase a hard drive so you can dispose of it--or give it away, or sell it--and not worry about someone stealing your data. Best of all, it's free

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The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires by Tim Wu (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Marc Vietor


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