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Windows Weekly
Episode 193


  • Microsoft should abandon the consumer market.
    • After all, the consumer market is already ignoring Microsoft anyway, with a few exceptions.
    • The only market that Microsoft serves adequately and at the correct speed is the business market.
    • With one exception, Microsoft will retain most of its "consumer"-based sales anyway, since people will continue buying PCs and software like Office and using software like Windows Live.
    • The exception: Xbox/video games. Microsoft should spin this off as its own (perhaps private) company, of which it will be majority owner. The Xbox division (EDS) was responsible for just 11 percent of the company's total revenues in Q3 10, and just 5.4 percent of revenues.
    • Products/technologies to kill or reposition in the company: Anything digital media related.
    • Microsoft is the opposite of Apple: Its products are designed for (and popular with) business and individuals use them because of that. Apple products are designed for individuals and business adoption is increasing because of that.
    • Some Notes:
    • Joe Belfiore said that Windows Phone is a product for consumers who want to buy a great phone they can bring to work. This is an obvious statement about the state of the smart phone market. But really Microsoft needs a phone that is great for business users and consumers. They're the same people. This is how the workplace has evolved. We all work away from work.
    • From a fiscal responsibility perspective, each business within Microsoft should be independently profitable. If it isn't, kill it after a set period of time.
    • Microsoft is the next IBM. Let's just admit that, and admit that maybe that's not too bad from a shareholder perspective either:
  • Microsoft revenues over the previous 4 quarters
    • $16.2 billion, $16.04 billion, $14.50 billion, $19.02 billion. Total revenues in CY 2010: $65.76 billion. This is a HUGE company.
  • IBM Revenues over the previous 4 quarters
    • $29.0 billion, $24.3 billion, $23.7 billion, $22.9 billion. Total CY 2010 revenues: $99.9 billion. This company is even bigger. And you can't name a single thing they do to make money, can you?
  • Point being: There is big money and growth to be had. It just may be uninteresting to enthusiasts.
  • BTW: This is hilarious [1]
  • Windows Phone: 2 million sold
    • Same silly arguments about what this means.
    • See where different Windows Phone services are available across the world (it's full of holes) [2]
  • Video game update
    • Duke Nukem Forever is shipping in May (!!)
    • COD Black Ops: First map pack arrives next week (First Strike)
    • Also: Crysis 2 demo is on Xbox LIVE.
  • Live Q and A (time permitting)

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  • Find out which song is playing, buy it on Zune Marketplace (or stream/download with Zune Pass). Brilliant.

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