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Windows Weekly
Episode 223


  • Paul comes to Petaluma for TWiT and the TWiT Brick House party.
  • Happy Anniversaries Windows 95 and Windows XP
    • 16 yrs ago today -- Aug. 24 -- Windows 95 launched
    • 10 yrs ago today -- also August 24 -- MS RTM'd Windows XP
    • XP remains the No. 1 version of Windows today (much to MS' chagrin)
  • How HP Killed webOS and its PC business by miscommunicating what it intended to do with both
    • WebOS is NOT dead: Only HP's devices are. And HP may not sell off its PC business. And you thought Microsoft couldn't communicate properly.
    • Related: Microsoft goes after webOS developers, gets 1,000+ responses. Nicely played, sir.
    • Also related: Maybe Amazon should buy/license webOS instead of Android!
  • Mango takes another step...
    • Windows Phone Mango Marketplace is now open for submissions
    • The RC of the Mango SDK 7.1 is available to devs. And Zune 4.8 is out and downloadable...
    • Related: New Mango phones from ASUS and Acer made a fleeting appearance at Tech Ed Auckland this week. The Asus one supposedly has a front-facing camera
    • Semi-related: Why Microsoft keeps calling this thing "Mango" and not its real name. I have a theory.
  • Skype buys GroupMe (for over $50 million)
    • 30 guys in a NYC garage, er, penthouse, built a disposable-groups social networking tool and Microsoft (via Skype) is now the proud owner of it
  • News Flash: Windows 8 will support USB 3.0.
    • We can't believe it either. And wait till you hear what they're doing with file-management basics!
    • Related: What is this Tweet@Rama thing in Windows 8 (that members of the Windows team are tweeting from)?
  • Listener Q&A

Tip of the Week: Manage how Windows Live/Bing uses your personal information

  • The completely hidden and non-discoverable Microsoft Personal Data Dashboard provides a lot of information about you, your Bing search data, your interests (!!! Me: Computer sciences and programming, laptops and handheld computers, software, and sports and outdoors), and more (including links to account management for Windows Live, MSN, profile, Xbox, and Zune
  • Best bit: You can opt out of information collection in "My Choices": Click Allowed button to change to Not Allowed
  • Thanks to Russell Eby for the tip.

Tip of the Week #2: Great new themes for Windows 7

  • I finally convince my photographer friend Kerry to release some of her photos as Windows 7 wallpapers/themes.

Enterprise Pick of the Week: Forefront Identity Manager 2012

  • Microsoft released the next version of its FIM product to testers in early August
    • Some had thought the Forefront enterprise security/identity family was on its way out. Guess not

Codename pick of the week: Chicago (in honor of Win 95's birthday)

Chicago was the codename for Windows 95, after the location for the launch party of Windows 3.1.

Software Pick of the Week

No software pick.

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