Windows Weekly 224

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Windows Weekly
Episode 224


  • More Windows 8 news ahead of BUILD
    • New information about Windows 8 on the Build blog this week:
      • Windows Explorer file manager for Windows with ribbon UI
      • More on the dual UI strategy (Metro "style" and traditional Windows desktop)
      • ISO and VHD integration in Windows 8
    • Plus: Microsoft shows off a quad-core tablet at TechEd New Zealand.
  • DOJ sues to stop AT&T purchase of T-Mobile
  • Azure toolkits on steroids
    • New releases of the Azure social gaming toolkit, Android toolkit, Win Phone toolkit and iOS toolkit all available this week
  • As the MS employee org chart turns
    • It's September this week. That means a bunch of Softies are now going to be getting cash instead of stock as morale/incentive money. So why did Simon Witts and Lee Nackman both resign this week? Are more MS defections more/less likely now?
  • Steve Jobs retires
    • Let's be clear about this: There is no one more influential in the PC/tech market than Steve Jobs, not Bill Gates, not anyone. This is a huge loss. Pray for the man, but pray too for our industry. We are all lessened because of this.
    • Let's do a little compare/contrast: Reaction when Gates gave up the CEO reins vs. when Jobs did. Yes, MS did its best re: perception damage control. But why so much more Jobs love than Gates love? Something to ponder...
    • Related: Between Jobs, Google's purchase of Motorola, and HP's bungled announcements, August 2011 was the biggest month in tech history.
  • Listener Q&A

Software Pick of the Week: TWiT for Windows Phone

  • Now remembers where you are in an audio or video podcast and resumes from there, can listen in on live shows, and has auto-updating live tile with two most recent podcast episodes.
  • By Dmitry Lyalin

Software Pick of the Week 2: Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac 2.0 and Zune 4.8

  • Get ready for Windows Phone 7.5 with these new sync tool versions.

Enterprise Pick of the Week: AppFabric

  • Both the on prem and cloud versions -- will the two ever meet?

Codename Pick of the Week

  • Windows 8 (remember -- it's *just* a codename -- or is it?)

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