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Windows Weekly
Episode 232


  • Nokia Announces Two Windows Phone Handsets
    • Lumia branded, one high-end (800), one mid-market (710) - Europe, Asia first, and then possibly US in early 2012
    • Specification breakdown: The big features are in software, not hardware. And why are Nokia's two biggest apps replacements for things that already come in Windows Phone? (Maps, Music)
    • Curious missing features: No front-facing camera, no large screen device
    • Extra: Nokia says its US devices will be LTE compatible, which suggests that Lee's earlier comments regarded this and that the US phones will be accompanied by a 7.2 update or whatever
    • Related: What Microsoft must do to improve Windows Phone in year two
  • "Celebrating" 10 Years of Windows XP
    • But seriously, please go away now
  • Over Half of all Android Handsets Come with Microsoft Licensing Fee
    • Is it possible that Microsoft makes more, directly, from Android than Google does?
  • Microsoft, Google, AOL, or Alibaba: Who Gets Yahoo?
    • Why would anyone want it?
  • Battlefield 3 Arrives
    • Does it have what it takes to beat Call of Duty?
  • More System Center 2012 Test Builds Arrive
    • Do they have what it takes to wake up MJF after we talk Battlefield3?

Tip of the Week: How to take screenshots on Windows Phone 7.5

  • Microsoft has done everything it can to prevent screenshots in Windows Phone 7.5. But there is a way. And if you act quickly, it will only cost 99 cents.
  • Steps:
    • Developer unlock your Windows Phone. You can do this expensively via Microsoft ($99), or inexpensively via ChevronWP7 Labs ($1 during beta, $10 when its done).
    • Download the new Screen Capturer v3 app for WP7.
    • Install the app on your phone using the Application Deployment tool that is part of the Windows Phone 7.1 SDK. (Start Menu search, application deploy)
    • Run the app on your phone - It's called Screen Capturer and uses the Camera button for shots.
    • There is no Step 5.
  • Thanks to Rafael Rivera for tipping me off to this. A tool like this would have changed my life last summer.

Software Pick of the Week: 7Stacks

  • A number of readers recommended this after last week's pick. 7Stacks isn't exactly the same as Bins, but it's similar, and it's free. It allows you to group button in the taskbar, so that one taskbar button can expand to show a stack of buttons.

Enterprise Pick of the Week: "Concero" -- the new Sys Center Mgt. Portal

  • It's out in beta, as of this week

Rumor of the Week: Win Phone Apollo in mid-2012

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