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Windows Weekly
Episode 233


  • Nokia and the US: Coming in 2012
    • Windows Phone handsets on "multiple carriers" in 2012, Elop says.
    • Carrier announcements for Samsung and HTC Mango phones starting to happen. Monday the 7th in NYC: Mango event (mjf and paul will be there) -- what exactly is it?
    • Nokia open to Windows 8 tablets! Hell, its netbook was a huge success, why not
    • Let's talk about who actually might make Win8 tablets that matter in 2012: Like Asus (leaked roadmap for ARM stuff), HP (jury's still out), Dell
  • Microsoft (Sort of) Spells Out Android Patent Issues
    • Android is "standing on the shoulders" of others, Microsoft says
    • Put simply, Google is stealing patented technologies
    • MS' position is mutually assured destruction is the way it has always been and they way it always should and will be
  • Kinect and Windows, Sitting in a Tree...
    • Also coming in early 2012. Will this be a core feature of Windows 8? I bet we find out at CES.
    • Are there any real business opportunities for Kinect? Healthcare? Shopping? Manufacturing?
    • And why Microsoft's promo video isn't just science fiction, but is in fact ludicrous
    • Plus: Apple's TV plans involve ... Voice control? But Kinect already has that
  • Shocker: Microsoft chose Windows 8 over Courier
    • Yes, it's "ancient history." But this Courier tale tells a lot about political infighting and whether MS can break free of the core Office franchise
    • Not sure what the fuss is all about, Courier was vaporware, yet another platform, and was never going to sell well anyway.
    • Will startup Tapose (funded and backed by J Allard) make Courier fans happy?
  • Rumor: Next Xbox will be announced at CES 2012
    • Codenamed TEN, is all about Metro, embedded Silverlight and an Apple-like integration with Windows and Windows Phone
    • The dashboard preview is supposedly this week (tomorrow?) and will include the Bing search integration, Live TV hooks and more

Software Pick of the Week: Microsoft Office 365 Integration Module for Small Business Server 2011 Essentials Beta

  • A beta version of a long-awaited add-in that lets you integrate Office 365 with Windows SBS Essentials.

Software Pick of the Week #2: Facebook for Windows Phone

  • Facebook for Windows Phone received a major update last week

Enterprise Pick of the Week: SQL Server 2012 -- with a brand new BI SKU

  • There's a new BI SKU -- and new core pricing option -- coming in early 2012 with SQL Server 2012

Codename Pick of the Week: Vancouver

  • How to add social data to your business app via Azure -- "Social Analytics" is out in preview form as of last week and ready for testers to check out

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