Windows Weekly 234

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Windows Weekly
Episode 234


  • Windows Phone 7.5 US retail launch
    • Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash now available on AT&T; HTC Radar on T-Mobile. HTC Titan now due out Nov. 20 on AT&T, but no word on Verizon or Sprint, though Verizon is definitely happening.
    • No Nokia news. But Paul's sources say that Nokia will launch in US at CES in January with immediately availability.
    • But ... Do any of these phones have what it takes to compete with Android or iPhone?
    • Plus: Microsoft snags Samsung exec for Windows Phone division. Why that's ironic and a bad sign.
  • More Windows Phone: What will it mean to use Windows 8 inside Windows Phone 8?
    • The Apollo rumors continue, and continue to indicate that MS is going to replace the Embedded Compact core with MinWin [1]
  • Still More Windows Phone: Looking out for the new brand of Windows Phone Criticism
    • Now that Windows Phone has caught up, its critics--and Apple fans--have a new way of criticizing this platform. And it's really, really strange.
  • Barnes & Noble wants DOJ investigation of MS over Android patents
    • Microsoft says that patents are necessary and work. Google says they inhibit innovation. And B&N says MS is behaving anticompetitively (um, ok... odd argument, but...)
  • Silverlight and Flash: Our strategies have shifted
    • Word is MS is going to launch Silverlight 5, and maybe a 5.1 -- then that's it
    • Adobe is discontinuing attempts to make Flash work in mobile browsers (but is staying the course in PCs)
    • Did Apple really win this round -- in both cases? Yep.
  • IE 10: Spell checking and auto-correct are coming, you long-suffering IE users! [2]
    • MS says spell checking will be in all versions of IE 10 -- IE 10 Metro and Desktop on Win 8, and also IE 10 on WIn 7
    • Still no update to IE 10 platform preview 2 on Win 7... by the way
    • IE 10? When does that hit, 2020?
    • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 arrives!
    • Paul: *Awesome*
    • MJF: ZZZZZ
    • Paul: We'll get you yet!
    • MJF: No you won't! :)

Software Pick of the Week: ChevronWP7 Labs for Windows Phone

  • Cheap unlocker from Chevron folks lets you test your own apps on a real phone or run homebrew apps.

Software Pick of the Week #2: Spotify for Windows Phone

  • One of the biggest music subscription services finally comes to Windows Phone

Enterprise Pick of the Week: Commerce Server. (does MS still make that? Sort of)

Codename Pick of the Week: Montego: Data Explorer

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