Windows Weekly 235

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Windows Weekly
Episode 235


  • Microsoft's annual shareholder meeting
    • Ballmer, Gates answer questions about Microsoft's late entry to the tablet market, whether we're in a post-PC world, and whether Microsoft should be broken up.
  • Nokia exec reveals plans for new phones, Windows 8 tablet ... In June 2012!
    • You gotta love the French.
  • Windows Phone: WE'RE NUMBER THREE!
    • A new study says that Windows Phone blows by Blackberry to become the number three mobile platform targeted by developers. WINNING! (Cough)
  • Celebrating 10 years of Xbox
    • Only a few of them spent waiting on a red-ringed console
  • Amazon Fire arrives
    • Is it the real deal? And why are there suddenly so many Kindle devices? Plus: An early peek at my shocking Kindle Touch review.

Tip of the Week: Disconnect Me

the webpages you go to and searches you do. Requires Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Software Pick of the Week: yourTunes

  • lets you copy those iTunes playlists into Zune so you can use them with Windows Phone.

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